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Speech/Language Pathologist Assistant

Job Title: Speech & Language Pathologist Assistant (SLPA)

Date: 2018-2019 School Year

Reports to: Principal and Assistant Principal


The Speech/Language Pathology Assistant (SLPA) is responsible for assisting speech/language pathology staff providing speech/language therapy services for students with communication disorders. (i.e., pragmatic semantics, syntax, fluency, feeding/swallowing, oral-motor, voice, articulation/phonology, receptive/expressive language, and AAC/Augmentative Communication.) The SLPA is also responsible for assisting in the creation, preparation, organization and implementation of all clerical, therapeutic, and IEP related materials pertinent to the job of a Speech-Language Pathologist.

• Assist SLPs in developing individual lesson plans to be sued in therapy sessions.
• Assist SLPs in developing speech/language lessons for use by staff in daily language lessons.
• Assist SLPs in coordinating Assists therapy lessons with the staff.
• Assist SLPs in maintaining records of students’ progress.
• Assist SLPs in providing adequate training for staff member who conduct daily language lessons.
• Assist SLPs in monitoring progress of objectives.
• Assist SLPs in changing instruction based on results of monitoring.
• Participate in parent/teacher conferences when requested by SLPs.
• Attend training lessons, workshops, and conferences when appropriate.
• Attend staff meetings and SLP team meetings.
• Communicate Speech-Language Pathologists’ reports during parent/teacher conferences when requested by SLPs.
• Maintain an inventory list of all AAC/Augmentative Communicative equipment.
• Be responsible for keeping AAC/Aug. Communication Devices clean and in working order while under the care of the Speech Department (prior to check-out by ISTs).
• Perform other duties as assigned by the SLPs.


A four year college degree is preferred or a minimum of a two-year Associates Degree. Other applicable degrees/certifications/on-the-job trainings will be taken into consideration (i.e., Medical Assistant, CAN, LPN, etc.)

The SLPA must have strengths in the following areas: strong interpersonal skills, flexibility, and the ability to interface with parents, teachers, staff, students, as well as administrative and board members is a MUST. The SLPA must exhibit strong organizational skills, verbal and written communication skills, and the ability to prepare and maintain accurate records and data once trained. The SLPA must have strong technology skills, including experience operating standing office equipment and pertinent computer software, with a potential need to upgrade skills in order to meet changing job conditions. The candidate must have a general awareness of augmentative technology used with students with disabilities. The SLPA must have the ability and desire to develop a positive rapport with children ages birth – 22 years. Attention to detail and empathy are desirable.


The ability to circulate among people of various backgrounds and roles is essential, as this position will regularly interface with administrators, teachers, fellow paraprofessionals, students, and parents.


Work in a school environment (therapy room, classroom, lunchroom, community settings, etc.). May be required to assist in transferring and lifting students and able to lift at least 50 pounds. Other physical demands may include: crouching, stooping, kneeling, carrying, pushing and pulling.