Georgia Private School Tax Credit Program

Ensure our students achieve beyond expectations by choosing where your tax dollars go. It is your choice – send your money to the State or move your money into this scholarship fund to help children reach their fullest potential.

It’s rare that you have the opportunity to give without having to donate any of your money. The Georgia Educational Tax Credit makes this possible! Georgia’s independent school tax credit scholarship program allows you to tell the state how you want a portion of your tax dollars spent. It costs you nothing but is a significant benefit to our students, as it ensures that families are able to access the therapies and services they so desperately need.

This program offers a unique opportunity for you or your company to redirect your tax dollars to provide tuition assistance for Joseph Sams School students.

The amounts are:

  • Married Filing Jointly: Maximum of $2,500

  • Individual Filer: Maximum of $1,000

  • Married Filing Separately: Maximum of $1,250

  • Individuals who receive pass-through income can contribute up to $10k

  • C=Corporation: Up to 75% of GA tax liability

partners with the Apogee Scholarship Fund, a Georgia registered SSO
(Student Scholarship Organization) administering the tax credit program.

Go to and select the “Go Paperless” link.

Georgia Special Needs Scholarship (GSNS) Program

The Joseph Sams School is approved to accept students enrolled in the Georgia Special Needs Scholarship (GSNS) program, originally proposed as Senate Bill 10. This program was enacted in 2007 to provide school choice for students with IEPs in the state of Georgia.  Consult the Georgia Department of Education’s website to determine if your child qualifies to receive this scholarship funding.

Private JSS Scholarships

The Joseph Sams School has limited scholarship funds to assist families who qualify. If interested, contact the school for scholarship guidelines and application. Scholarship applications are reviewed by the Scholarship Committee of our Board of Directors who determines awards.