Upper School

The Upper School Program offers full-day special education classes for children from 13-22 years of age with an emphasis on functional academics, community-based instruction, as well as vocational  and life skills training.
  • Students attend class 5 days per week for 10-month from 8:30 am to 3:00pm.
  • Low student to teacher ratios are maintained in the upper school classrooms.  A student’s placement is dependent upon the level of support the child needs to be successful and achieve measurable gains within the classroom and community settings.
  • Students have an Individual Educational Plan (IEP).
  • The Unique Learning Curriculum is utilized in all classes.
  • Music and art therapies are incorporated in the Elementary Program.  Group music therapy is offered daily and art therapy is provided weekly.  Students enjoy and benefit from music classes as well as explore the world of art through therapeutic art sessions.
  • Students receive weekly individual or small group speech and language therapy sessions depending upon the individual needs of the child and based upon the recommendation of the instructional and support staff.
  • Speech/language/communication instruction is embedded into each student’s activities throughout the day, thereby, providing multiple opportunities to utilize communication skills within the natural classroom setting as well as in community and worksites venues to promote communication across all environments.
  • If appropriate, children are included in the MOVE (Mobility Opportunity via Education) Program which teaches functional mobility skills.