Autism Spectrum Module

The Autism-Spectrum Program

Serves students with autism providing a small intensive educational environment utilizing a modified Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) approach to teaching

The Joseph Sams School is located in Fayetteville, Georgia and currently serves children from several Georgia counties.


What? The Autism Spectrum Program provides a 3-tiered intensive instructional classroom program utilizing a modified Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) approach to instruction. Individualized communication, attention, behavioral, and academic goals are developed for children enrolled in the program.

Who? Children diagnosed with mild to severe autism spectrum disorders.

Why? ABA is a comprehensive and effective approach for teaching children with autism. Based upon the principles of behaviorism, ABA involves the breakdown of skills into small, discrete tasks taught in a highly structured and hierarchical manner with instructors trained to systemically reinforce desired behaviors while ignoring, redirecting, and discouraging inappropriate ones.

How? The Autism Spectrum Program has a 3-tiered structure with a goal of progressing students from the most restrictive tier 3 classroom with a 2:1 student to teacher ratio to the least restrictive tier 1 classrooms that offer 3:1 and/or 4:1 student to teach ratios. Progression is ensured through close monitoring of what is effective with a child through intensive data collection.