M.O.V.E. Program

The M.O.V.E. (Mobility Opportunity via Education) Program

Provides children with mild to serve physical disabilities opportunities for acquiring increased independence in functional sitting, standing, and walking skills to experience and gain mobility as well as a healthier and happier life.

The Joseph Sams School is located in Fayetteville, Georgia and currently serves children from several Georgia counties.


Why?  M.O.V.E. ® was developed by Linda Bidabe, special educator from Bakersfield, California and was born out of a need to improve the quality of life for children with physical disabilities.

What? M.O.V.E. ® is a research-based program shown to improve functional mobility skills and to empower children with physical disabilities to better direct their own lives. M.O.V.E. ® uses a family/person centered approach to develop mobility programs based upon current theory and research in education, psychology, biomechanics, and motor science.

Who?  M.O.V.E. ® Helps Children with disabilities by:

  • Acquire increased independence in functional sitting, standing, and walking skills;

  • Learn and gain more mobility; and

  • Experience better health and enhanced personal dignity.

How? M.O.V.E. ® utilizes a top-down, activity-based curriculum designed to provide a program whereby participants practice motor skills while engaged in educational and/or leisure activities throughout the natural school day.  The M.O.V.E. ® Program is based upon teaming the expertise of education and therapy to address the functional needs of students when they become adults.

The Joseph Sams School is one of only 30-model sites within the continental United States for M.O.V.E. ® International. Seven JSS staff members are M.O.V.E. ® International Trainers and all teaching staff are trained as Basic Providers. For more information on M.O.V.E. ® click here.