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Speech and Language

The Speech and Language Program provides intensive speech and language therapy, including traditional as well as assistive, augmentative, sign language, and oral motor/feeding therapies. All therapies are delivered in a variety of ways to promote the generalization of skills into the classroom, home and community.

  • In the Preschool and Primary Programs, students receive individual therapy sessions and small group sessions based upon the individual needs of the child and the recommendation of the instructional and support staff.
  • In the Elementary and Upper School Programs, students receive either individual or small group speech/language therapy sessions depending upon the individual needs of the child and the recommendation of the instructional and support staff.
  • In addition to individual and small group therapy sessions, our Speech and Language Pathologists develop lessons for our teaching staff to administer daily in the classroom; this ensures that speech/language and communication goals are integrated into the child’s entire educational program. Data collection is taken on these classroom lessons and is regularly submitted to the Speech Pathologists who monitor progress and update and/or adjust lessons. This delivery system promotes generalization of skills and provides multiple opportunities for the child to utilize communication with both teachers and peers.
  • A variety of augmentative/assistive communication techniques and devices are utilized with our students who have limited verbal skills. These include: PECS (Picture Exchange Communication), sign language, and simple to complex voice output devices.
  • Oral motor therapy techniques are implemented to improve oral motor coordination, strength, tone, and motor planning. A combination of approaches is used to incorporate visual, auditory, tactile, kinesthetic, verbal, and motor modalities.
  • Feeding therapy is available for children with mild feeding/swallowing disorders.  A swallow study is required prior to receiving this therapy. The swallow study must be updated annually in order to continue in the feeding therapy program.  JSS is unable to provide feeding therapies to children with moderate to severe feeding/swallowing disorders as this requires medical supervision.