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The JSS Team

One of this year’s most favorite, breathtaking “moments” with AJ was one Sunday at church. I was leading a song with the choir and he started singing with me. AJ actually took over and out sang me! We both got a standing ovation, and there wasn’t a dry eye in the church! My heart was so full, and I know he will do great things in his lifetime!

Pat & Henry Jones - JSS Parents

This may seem like a “small moment,” but for us it was HUGE! My son, Stefan, has always been cautious in groups. One day I was waiting for him in the carpool line (he had not seen me yet), and he was surrounded by other students using his communication device to talk with both his friends and teachers. He was being treated with such respect by the teachers, and there was sheer joy on his face! Right then I knew that JSS was the place for us! He got in the car and told me that he had best friends. I was overjoyed—not only is he being taught to read, spell and do math, but he also feels accepted!

Marsha & Steve Desillas - JSS Parents

Andrew has been saying a few words before this school year started, but we knew his speech was really taking off when we started hearing the following requests on a regular basis; “Tickle me, tackle me, and snuggle me.” Whatever concerns I had that he would never talk are fading fast.

Mark and Jami Maguire - JSS Parents

I had become used to helping Jordan out a lot around the house due to his cerebral palsy. One day I tried to help him with something; Jordan said to me, “I don’t need your help, I can do it. I am a big boy now.”

Tandra Cheevers - JSS Parent