We care about them as much as you do

The Joseph Sams School is a private, non-profit school dedicated to the education and life skills development of children who are intellectually, physically, or developmentally challenged. Our vision is a community enriched by the meaningful contributions of our students.

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Our School

The Joseph Sams School is located in Fayetteville, Georgia and currently serves children from several Georgia counties. The school provides intense educational training as well as speech and language therapy for its students. There are no geographic restrictions for admission in our private not for profit organization.  

Our Approach

The goal of the programs offered at The Joseph Sams School is to support and educate individuals to become productive members of society and experience greater independence in life. We maintain a strong relationship with school families and have extensive support from parents and community members.

Our Staff

In addition to providing educational and therapeutic programs and services to children with disabilities, our staff also offers consultative services to outside programs developing similar strategies, works with private therapists and physicians, and offers one-on-one tutoring.