Welcome to The Joseph Sams School

Not only are we serving children with disabilities, the school also provides consultative services to programs developing similar intervention strategies for young children throughout the state. The Joseph Sams School staff also works closely with private therapists and physicians to provide comprehensive programs for its students. We also offer one-on-one tutoring to children with disabilities. Such joint efforts have proven to be successful for these children’s development.


We can’t wait to meet your family! See a list of our programs below.

Educational Programs

Early Intervention

The Early Intervention Program provides part-day special education instruction and therapies for children from birth through four years of age with infant stimulation and preschool sessions.

Primary School

The Primary Program offers full-day special education classes for children from 5-7 years of age with an emphasis on academics, functional academics, and life skills training.

Elementary Program

The Elementary Program offers full-day special education classes for children from 8-12 years of age with an emphasis on functional academics, community-based instruction, and life skills training.

Upper School

The Upper School Program offers full-day special education classes for children from 13-22 years of age with an emphasis on functional academics, community-based instruction, as well as vocational and life skills training.

ATLAS Program

ATLAS (Adult Transitional Living and Support) Program: ATLAS is a transition program serving 18-22 year olds with its purpose of ensuring that students have the essential skills and community connections to successfully transition, work, and live as contributing adults in their respective communities.

Collaborative Program

The Collaborative Program provides a small intensive educational environment utilizing a modified Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) approach to teaching.

Support Programs

MOVE International Program

The MOVE® (Mobility Opportunity via Education) Program provides children with mild to serve physical disabilities opportunities for acquiring increased independence in functional sitting, standing, and walking skills to experience and gain mobility as well as a healthier and happier life.

Occupational/Physical Therapy

Occupational and physical therapies are provided on a consultative basis. Parents may contract with private therapists to provide direct services during school hours.

Readiness/Tutorial Clinic

The clinic provides 1:1 intensive instruction in Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) to prepare the child for a classroom setting and individualized special education instruction in pre-academic, academic, and communication skills to enhance the child’s performance in his/her current educational setting.

Speech & Language Program

The Speech/Language Program provides intensive speech and language therapy, including traditional as well as assistive, augmentative, sign language, and oral motor/feeding therapies.

Fine Arts Program

The Fine Arts Program provides music therapy and art classes as well as theatrical and choral performances.

Extracurricular Program

The Extracurricular Program offers optional activities for children!
This includes cheerleading, chime choir, Special Olympics, and JSS Explorers (a scouting-type experience).