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Instructional Support Teacher

Title:  Instructional Support Teacher                                      Date: 2020-2021

Reports to: Principal and Assistant Principal                           FLSA Status: exempt


An IST is responsible for providing quality educational services to special education students along with consistently communicating the students’ progress to parents.   An IST reports directly to the principal and assistant principal and is responsible for the planning, execution, documentation, updating  and evaluation of each student’s individualized program as well as supervising the paraprofessional staff in his/her classroom who assist in carrying out lessons and activities.


  • Oversee daily operation of assigned classes.
  • Teach classes as needed
  • Assist in formulation of students’ individual educational plans.
  • Develop lesson plans for teaching sessions.
  • Monitor, update data sheets and daily lesson plans for individual lessons.
  • Develop behavioral management plans.
  • Assist in organization and maintenance of the school facility.
  • Participate in initial interview process and in training of classroom paraprofessional and volunteers.
  • Provide ongoing supervision of paraprofessionals and volunteers.
  • Conduct observations for each paraprofessional at least once every six weeks.
  • Participate in paraprofessional’s yearly evaluations.
  • Assist in the selecting, making, and organization of teaching materials.
  • Assist in planning of art and music activities.
  • Participate in parent/teacher conferences.
  • Observe students while they participate in programs outside of The Joseph Sams School.
  • Attend appropriate training sessions outside of school.
  • Participate in developing the Joseph Sams School’s educational curriculum.
  • Attend scheduled staff meetings.
  • Attend required parent meetings.
  • Conduct regular staff meetings with classroom staff.
  • Fulfill all responsibilities as outlined in the Joseph Sams School staff handbook.
  • Perform other duties as assigned by the Principal.


An IST must have knowledge of teaching techniques, materials, and behavioral strategies for teaching children with disabilities.  Experience writing and/or knowledge of Individual Educational Plans (IEPs) is preferred.    Excellent communication skills, both written and verbal are required.  Attention to detail and the ability to keep and monitor student progress through data collection are essential.  Organizational skills, flexibility and the ability to multi-task are critical.

An IST must manage the paraprofessional staff in his/her classroom; therefore, leadership and management skills are necessary.

The ability to circulate among people of various backgrounds and roles is essential, as this position will regularly interface with administrators, Board members, fellow teachers, paraprofessionals, students, parents, potential students and parents, as well as staff members from other public and private school settings.


A 4-year bachelor’s degree is required with a minimum of six hours of education credits.  An education or special education degree is highly preferred.  Experience working with children with disabilities is required.


An IST will teach and administer lessons in a variety of locations both inside and outside of the school environment,  including the classroom, lunchroom, playground, PE/gross motor room, etc. as well as in community venues such as grocery stores, local businesses, and public facilities such as libraries, parks, etc.    May be required to assist in transferring and lifting students and able to lift at least 50 pounds.   Other physical demands may include crouching, stooping, kneeling, bending, carrying, pushing and pulling.